Welcome to Utah Living with Fire

Our Mission

Utah Living With Fire strives to increase awareness, preparation and leadership for wildfire safety in Utah’s communities.

ULWF History

Motivated by the devastation and losses caused by major regional fires in recent years, both private and government interests began to develop a proactive attitude regarding fire management in the wildland‐urban interface (WUI). Because of the current trend to build homes in forested areas, the tightening of insurance company requirements, and the inherent limitations of wildland firefighting, it became obvious that it was necessary to emphasize citizen fire education, community initiative, creative volunteerism, self‐ reliance, and preparedness.

In May of 1998 multi‐agency discussion groups began dealing with the issues of wildfire prevention, response to incidents, and the impact of wildfire on affected or vulnerable communities in Utah. In 1989, through private initiative, “Utah Living with Fire” (ULWF) was established in Kamas as a non‐profit, non‐governmental umbrella organization, to address this need. ULWF connects individuals and institutions involved in wildfire risk mitigation to promote cooperation, and to avoid duplication of efforts. ULWF focuses on educating communities, empowering them to organize, plan, and take action to enhance levels of protection and fire‐resistance preparation; and to carry the message of individual and collective responsibility for mitigating the risks of wildfire within the communities. Programs for all ages disseminate pertinent information through schools, businesses, families, churches, and the media. Professionals from almost every field ‐ education, electronics, finances, law, architecture, landscaping, medicine, first responders, lobbyists, and private citizens ‐ pool their experience and skills to sustain an ongoing campaign of sharing fire wisdom and problem solving to create an environment of informed, prepared and involved individuals and communities capable of mitigating fire risk to life and property in their stewardship.

A National Fire Plan (NFP) was developed in 2000 to address wildland firefighting resources, landscape rehabilitation, hazardous fuel reduction, assistance for threatened communities, and standards for wildland fire management on public lands. The NFP supported a unified effort to provide technical, financial, and resource guidance and support for wildland fire management across the country. Since then, agencies within the Department of the Interior have worked together with forest, water and wildlife management specialists to coordinate policies and resources. In 2001 a renewed program was launched to create Community Wildfire Preparedness Plans (CWPP’s). These CWPP’s are communityspecific and were designed by the residents themselves.

Utah Living with Fire works in collaboration with sister organizations in neighboring states, and is a nationally recognized agency for wildfire prevention in the western United States.